Liquip provide a complete turnkey truck loading stations (gantries), starting with assessment of customers requirements and consultation to provide the most productive & cost efficient solution.

With customer instruction we then go through the design process and produce a general arrangement drawing list all the major components for the customers approval. From this point we detail and begin construction following through to wet testing and operational confirmation. The final process after the station is positioned and connected at site we can calibrate and commission all aspects of the project.

Loading skids designs vary form the most simple single arm with mechanical registers and printers to the 6 arm skids which can include blending additive injection, fuel management system linked to a gantry operated control connected to the site terminal automation system. 

Features and Benefits
  • Expert assessment consultation
  • Designs the most cost effective solution
  • Delivers pre- and post-sale support
  • Offers a complete line of loading skid components
  • Single Source
  • Plug & Play Solutions
Key Components
  • Loading Arm
  • Overfill Protection
  • Pump
  • Meter
  • Air Eliminator
  • Terminal Control System
  • Filtration
  • Additive Injection
  • Temperature Probe (optional) 
  • Flame Arrestor (optional)
Site Preparation Considerations
  • Driver side of tanker
  • Truck drive in direction
  • Frame work
  • Full frame with Maintenance Walkway
  • Platform style frame work
  • Skid Foundations
  • Spill tray
  • Grating
  • Concrete
  • Fuel entry pipes
  • Fuel Max Pressure
  • Drive way sump & Slops return
  • Modular Frame work with expansion allowed
  • Container size frame work for shipping
  • Number of loading arms or bays
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